Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves (BGV22) Red


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Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves are handmade in Thailand using synthetic leather with a metallic colored finish. They are the same pattern, with the same padding as Fairtex’s BGV12 “Aura” boxing gloves. This is an adapted version of Fairtex’s BGV1 model to provide a tighter fit and better comfort.

The locked thumb is standard as with other Fairtex Boxing Glove models. There is a grip bar inside the glove so making a fist is effortless –You can save your effort for striking, blocking, and clinching!

The Fairtex BGV22 Boxing Gloves are available in 3 metallic colors: Green, Red, and Purple. They are available in sizes 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. Each pair of gloves comes with the matching, heavy duty plastic bag.


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