Fairtex Mini Backpack (BAG8)


This Fairtex Bag8 Mini Backpack is available in three colors: Desert, Jungle, and Black. Fairtex uses the same premium grade of waterproof nylon for this bag as they do for their other gym bags. This back pack is durable and built to last.

The bag’s design is compact with two main compartments. The largest compartment has a protective laptop sleeve with Velcro closure along the back of the bag. This compartment also has a small, zipper mesh pocket along the front side of the bag. There is room inside this main compartment for extra belongings, like a change of clothes, extra books, etc. The smaller of the two main compartments offers organization for your smaller belongings, ID cards, pens, and important documents. This pocket is much flatter than the main compartment, so not too much bulk can fit here.

One side pocket is mesh, making it ideal for a water bottle. The other side pocket fits a normal size IPhone or music player and has an ear plug exit, so you have your headphones on and hands free. There are two zippers along the front, with a shallow complete opening between the two. This is gives you the ability to carry longer items by opening the two front zippers and sliding it sideways across the pouch (it will stick out on either side).

A durable chest strap helps to redistribute weight in an ergonomic fashion. The shoulder straps use comfortable padding and are fully adjustable. Adjustable straps are also on either side of the backpack, tightening the side of the bag to keep your belongings close to your body in an ergonomic position.

The bottom of this bag uses vinyl fabric. This offers a waterproof base for your important belongings.

The Fairtex Bag8 Mini Backpack measures 19 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

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Now a household name in top kickboxing & MMA gyms worldwide, Fairtex fight gear began in the 70’s with their products were available only in Thai department stores. The founder has been at the forefront of Muay Thai promotion & sport development for decades. The first of many Fairtex Muay Thai gyms opened in Bangkok in 1975. Along with cultivating champions, this facility was among the first to open training opportunities for females and foreigners. A passion for the sport’s development combined with premium craftsmanship, keeps this brand at the forefront of Muay Thai equipment. Strong champions like Yodsanklai Fairtex and Attachai Fairtex make the Fairtex name hard to forget. Fairtex is continually evolving their equipment designs. But this isn’t a out-with the old, in with the new type development. Careful research and engineering goes into their product development, so that their designs can stand the test of time. As the sport and needs of athletes develop, so does the range of equipment Fairtex has come to offer. They boast a wide selection of styles to suit a variety of international training and fighting styles. The traditional Fairtex boxing glove (BGV1) is a Thai style glove, with a compact compartment and shorter cuff. Thai style boxing gloves are ideal for catching and blocking kicks, and for clinch training. Fairtex generally uses more dense padding than other Muay Thai brands. This is what makes their gloves known for a good “pop” on heavy bags and pads. Fairtex continues to release special edition versions of their classic gloves, so you can keep the equipment you know and trust when grabbing a fresh pair. Also known for their kick pads and banana bags, this brand is continually releasing new designs for sparring protection. They truly are “Engineered for Top Performance”.


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