Twins Leather Shinguards – Grey


Twins shin guards protect your lower legs during training and help to enhance kicks. The slim design features a full in-step. They are light weight and great for use in competitions or in everyday training. They support high intensity training, and can withstand punishment from world-class fighters.

These Twins Special shin guards are made from 100% leather. They have two Velcro strap closures behind the shin, for a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, the Velcro closures allow for easy on and off, and adjustment while training. An elastic strap under the sole of the foot keeps the foot protector in place. These shin pads ensure full in-step safety and lower leg protection.

The Twins Special SGL-10 model offers a slightly different, more streamlined, design than the SGL-3 design.

Twins Special equipment has high standards for stitching and craftsmanship. These Shin Protectors use premium leather and fine, high density foam padding. Their visual design is striking and sleek, with padding in the best possible places for optimal function. Currently, they are available in Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, and White. These shin pads come size small, medium, large, and extra large. Please see measurements provided by Twins Special for sizing recommendations:

Small = 11.5” shin length

Medium = 13” shin length

Large = 14.5” shin length

Extra Large = 16” shin length

**Note: Measurements provided are of shin length, not including feet.

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Twins Special is considered one of the best manufacturers of Thai boxing equipment. With roots rich in Muay Thai tradition, this brand stays true to their “fighting spirit”. They produce high quality equipment, using world class materials and designs – just what you need to reach your training goals! The iconic BGVL3 gloves are a popular glove for Kickboxers and MMA fighters. Their short cuff gives more wrist flexibility for training clinching and grappling. The pillowy style of padding makes these ideal sparring gloves, it also makes them suitable for beginners. The development of Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves are more popular with the orthodox style boxers, providing more wrist support than their traditional Thai style boxing gloves. Twins kick pads and belly pads are popular among Kru’s. Twins Special shin pads are a top choice for kickboxers & Nak Muay’s!


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