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Fairtex Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves (BGV20) – Pastel Blue

Fairtex Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves (BGV20) – Pastel Blue

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New Fairtex BGV20 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves are now available! They come in one color only, pastel blue, with a matte finish and no shine. Fairtex uses premium quality leather for the construction of these gloves. The finishing of these gloves is much different than other leather gloves. You can tell by the touch that this leather is processed as little as possible to preserve its integrity. Each pair is carefully handmade. The result is a smooth and durable glove.

Fairtex BGV20 boxing glove design is similar to Fairtex’s BGV12 “Aura” gloves, with the same pattern and padding. The compact design and short hand cuff provides a tight fit. This style of gloves is ideal for fighters with small hands, and is proving to be a popular design for ladies.

Inside the glove, a grip bar helps you to form an effortless fist. The locked thumb helps to protect against injury. Each pair of gloves feature 30 air holes to keep your hands well ventilated and help disperse the impact from each strike while training.

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