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Fairtex - Lace Up Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGL6) - Blue

Fairtex - Lace Up Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGL6) - Blue

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The Fairtex Lace Up Boxing Gloves - the ultimate professional-level competition gloves. Crafted from high-quality genuine leather, these gloves feature 3 layers of high density foam padding across the knuckles for unparalleled protection.

Fairtex’s original engineering ensures the best ergonomic design with a snug-fit hand compartment and contoured shape that makes it effortless to form a fist. The locked-thumb feature minimizes the potential for eye injuries to your opponent and thumb injuries to yourself.

These Fairtex Pro Competition Gloves are used in championship fights around the world, including K-1 USA, K-1 Brazil, K-1 GP, ISKA, Strike Force, WBC Muay Thai, and have been featured on major TV networks worldwide, such as ESPN, Pay-per-View, Canal+, Sky Sports, Eurosports, Star Sports, Super Sports, Fox Sports, and Fuji TV.

The Fairtex Lace Up Boxing Gloves feature a traditional design, perfect for any boxing enthusiast or professional fighter. Experience the best in comfort, protection, and style with the Fairtex Lace Up Boxing Gloves.

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