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Fairtex - Painter Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV14PT)

Fairtex - Painter Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV14PT)

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Introducing the unique Fairtex Painter Boxing Gloves (BGV14PT) - each pair features a one-of-a-kind paint splash pattern, hand-painted by the artist. No two pairs are alike, making them a truly unique addition to your boxing gear collection.

Designed with a longer cuff than the BGV1 style and incorporating additional padding in the palm area for maximum comfort and safety, the BGV14 model combines the best of the BGV1 and classic BGV6 sparring gloves. These compact, lightweight gloves have a consistent weight and allow for easy fist formation.

Crafted from high-quality microfiber fabric that is equally as durable as leather, these gloves are smoother, lighter, and do not produce the same odor as leather boxing gloves. Experience unmatched durability, comfort, and style with Fairtex’s BGV14PT boxing gloves.

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