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Fairtex - Vintage Art Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV14P) – Pink Polka Dots

Fairtex - Vintage Art Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (BGV14P) – Pink Polka Dots

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The Fairtex Vintage Art Boxing Gloves are a new color design for Fairtex’s BGV14 Art Collection. They combine characteristics of vintage art, with a polka dot pattern. The gloves use an odorless, microfiber fabric to provide a long-lasting durability similar to leather.

Their design features a longer cuff than Fairtex’s BGV1 style to provide more wrist support. These gloves also combine some characteristics of Faritex’s class BGV6 sparring gloves, with extra padding on the palm and knuckle area to maximize comfort and safety.

Inside the glove, features Fairtex’s signature three-layered foam system. This padding offers excellent hand and knuckle protection, by effectively dispersing the impact from each strike.

The pre-molded foam and additional padding make it very easy to form a fist while wearing these gloves. The BGV14 boxing gloves offer consistent glove weight, and compact design.

These gloves are currently available in pink or black, both with white polka dot design.

Fairtex Lace Up Boxing Gloves use a traditional design.

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