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Primo Fightwear - Emblem 2.0 - Leather Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - Vapor Pink

Primo Fightwear - Emblem 2.0 - Leather Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - Vapor Pink

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Looking for high-quality gloves to elevate your bag-work, sparring, and pad-work sessions? Look no further than the Primo Fightwear gloves - the ultimate choice for Thai boxing enthusiasts.

Handcrafted in Thailand using locally sourced premium Thai leather, these gloves boast exceptional padding, comfort, and support precisely where you need it. With four layers of protective sports-grade foam and extra padding for protection against kicks, these gloves provide the confidence and protection you require during your intense training sessions.

Notably, the Primo Fightwear gloves are designed to be puncher's gloves that feature superior open palm clinch capabilities, making them the ideal choice for those looking to improve their grappling skills. The tucked thumb design also offers greater control to help you take your training to the next level.

What's more, these gloves come with a superior ergonomic fit designed for extreme comfort and a long cuff for superior wrist protection compared to standard Thai gloves. And with a soft rubber label with rounded edges, you can train with ease and comfort.

Please note that these gloves may require a short break-in period, and the 16oz gloves are considered large sparring gloves. Order now and take your training to the next level with these Primo Fightwear gloves!

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