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Primo - Standard Hand Wraps - Hunter Green

Primo - Standard Hand Wraps - Hunter Green

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Introducing the Primo Hand Wraps - your ultimate companion for combat sports. Designed to perfection in Bangkok, the "Mecca of Combat Sports," these hand wraps are a testament to both style and performance. Available in a wide selection of colors, including unique options, as well as classic choices, these wraps perfectly complement your gear set.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with the extra breathability built into these hand wraps. Crafted from high-quality elastic cotton, they offer superior flexibility and support. With a generous length of 4 meters and a width of 2 inches, Primo Hand Wraps provide optimal coverage and stability for your hands and wrists during training sessions or competitions.

The elastic cotton material ensures a snug fit and durability, making them a reliable choice for combat sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Enhance your performance and protect your hands with Primo Hand Wraps. Choose the unrivaled quality of these Bangkok-designed wraps and take your combat sports journey to new heights. Shop now and equip yourself with the best in the business!

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