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YOKKAO - Matrix Black Shin Guards

YOKKAO - Matrix Black Shin Guards

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Looking for reliable and high-quality black Muay Thai shinguards? Look no further than YOKKAO! These shinguards are constructed with triple layers of high-impact foam for maximum protection.

Completely handmade in Thailand with high-quality premium cowhide leather, these shinguards offer both durability and comfort. The stress-resistant closure straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while the lightweight design allows for freedom of movement during training and sparring.

The non-slip interior provides extra stability and ensures that the shinguards remain steady during sparring. These shinguards come with foot coverings for added protection and support.

In summary, the YOKKAO black shinguards offer triple-layered high-impact foam, high-quality premium cowhide leather, stress-resistant closure straps, improved comfortability, lightweight design, non-slip interior, and foot coverings. They are perfect for any Muay Thai practitioner looking to train and spar in comfort and safety. Choose YOKKAO for your shinguards and invest in the best!

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